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Johnson Family Farms is a family-owned farming operation located in Central Illinois. The Johnson family have been running and operating the farm since the late 1860’s. Although times have changed since then, the Johnson core values of business have not. Johnson Family Farms operates on six key competencies; technology, location, stewardship of the land, experience, relationships, and entrepreneurial spirit. The operation believes in investing in their growing success and are always looking for new ways to cultivate business. To learn more about Johnson Family Farms, please visit their new website:


The Johnson Family Farms website is spectacular! The newly re-designed WordPress website is modern and professional. The color scheme is well balanced and compliments the Johnson Family Farms logo perfectly. Our favorite feature on the website is the 6 key elements layout located on the home page. RHD web designer, Kristen Davis, knocked it out of the park with the incorporation of this element. The 6 key element is interactive and fun. Hover over each of the boxes to check it out for yourself!


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