Kody Miller Photography

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Kody Miller Photography is an extremely talented Indiana photographer who’s a mix of a small town farm girl with a bit of a free-spirit. Kody was raised in one of those flyover states and is proud to be raising my little on the same black dirt she’s stomped on for years. She’s a true believer that family is everything. Morals, values and manners still matter. Chivalry isn’t dead. And your word is good on a hand shake.

Kody says she stumbled into a love of photography. She picked up a camera because time passes too quickly. Life and moments pass too quickly. So, she began taking photos as her way of capturing and cherishing these moments that so effortlessly elude us. Kody is a photographer who is vested in her clients and their lives. She gets to know her clients, their story, and then provides them with photos to share their story for generations to come.


Just like Kody, this design is a little mix of small town gypsy. The light pastel color palette is a subtle background that lets Kody’s masterpiece photos shine. The main focus of this design are the amazing photos Kody has taken. The logo, colors, and fonts all work together to showcase a bit of Kody’s personality, while still putting the focus on her portfolio and photos.  This is a mobile friendly website.


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