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Through her job as a specialist in physical medicine and rehabilitation, Carmela Osborne became interested in therapy dogs. After doing research on good breeds for therapy dogs, labradoodles were always a breed listed. Carmela and James Bell added Charlie, an Australian Labradoodle, to their family several years ago and have been raising loving companion labradoodles ever since! Labradoodles are cheerful, allergy friendly and non-shedding and make great family dogs. Check out their new website here!


We loved working with Labradoodles on Main to create a website to meet their marketing objectives! This design is simple and utilized blue accents throughout. The website is filled with photos of their adorable labradoodles (Who doesn’t love cute dogs?) and showcases the types of puppies their males and females produce. Whether you are looking to purchase a puppy from Labradoodles on Main or just wanting to learn more about the labradoodle breed, this website serves as an excellent source of information for any future Labradoodle owners. Want to see more cute photos of puppies? Like them on Facebook for updates!


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