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Laurel Springs Show Supply

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Laurel Springs Farm and Show Supply is located on Laurel Springs Lane in New Creek, West Virginia. The operation first got its start in 2002 and the name from the community in which is it located. Likewise, with Laurel mountain in the backyard and several springs running through the farm – the Laurel Springs name was a perfect match! Today, Laurel Springs Show Supply raises top quality show calves and goats. In fact, whether you are just starting out or have a few years of experience, they can help you! To learn more, please visit:


The Laurel Springs Show Supply website design is out of this world! To illustrate, a classic, and professional website can play a vital role when it comes to marketing your company. With a brand new website, Laurel Springs Show Supply is able to market their services more efficiently. For example, the products page allows customers to gain insight into what products Laurel Springs offers. Lastly, the shows/events page displays all of the places Laurel Springs will be at with a specific time. 


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