Learn how to build your own website or online store

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We also just launched a new online class which is designed to help people who actually want to do their OWN website.

Yes, you read that right….we are a web design firm but we’re offering a class in how to do your own website. Hey, we realize people sometimes want to give it a try themselves.

Learn more about the course here.

In this $99 mini course, you’ll get two 30-minute courses:

  • Part 1: DIY Website Design
  • Part 2: Setting up an Online Store in Shopify

Both of these courses are designed as big picture steps and guidelines needed to build a website or online store, taught by the Ranch House Designs team. You’ll get help to develop a game plan or road map to try it yourself, or help guide you if you decide you would prefer to work with a professional.

Of course, if you’d prefer for someone else to build a website or online store for you, Ranch House can do that too. Schedule a free, 15 minute non-obligatory call with our web design experts to talk over your business needs.