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Leis Creek Cattle Company is an all natural Red Angus and Akaushi Beef cattle ranch. Located in the town of Clinton, Arkansas, lies this family owned operation. Due to Leis Creek’s strong traditional roots, all of their cattle are all natural and high quality. What started out as a hobby in early 2013, quickly turned into a passion and commitment for the Lander family. Today, Leis Creek Cattle focuses on genetics, disposition, and fertility. As a result, whether you are looking to start or expand a herd, Leis Creek Cattle Company can meet your needs. To learn more, please visit:


The Leis Creek Cattle Company website design perfectly compliments the Red Angus and Akaushi cattle breeds. In fact, the textured backgrounds, color scheme, and large photos help make this website one of our favorites! In addition, modern features like a sticky menu, call-to-action buttons, and social media widgets are all included. The menu header is very well organized and aids in navigation for clients. Be sure to check out all of the exciting features on the Leis Creek Cattle website for yourself!


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