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Livengood Feeds, located in Lockhart, Texas, is an an animal feed manufacturing company. Furthermore, they use the best ingredients to make high-quality feed for your animals at a great value. In addition, the company never uses foreign products in production at their Texas mill. Likewise, Livengood is constantly improving and updating their production process. At the end of the day, their main goal is to make sure your animals are receiving the highest quality nutrition possible. To assist in their efforts, Livengood has a nutritionist on staff and participates in regular consults. For more information, visit their new website:


The Livengood Feeds website design is unmatched in quality, just like the operation! When you first pull up the website, the warm toned colors make you feel welcome. Secondly, the custom header with parallax affect, along with a sticky menu, catch your eye. In order to catch viewers eye, we included large call-to-action buttons to direct their attention. One of our favorite aspects of the website is the “find a dealer” page. RHD was able to create this specifically for Livengood. 


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