A Strong Foundation For Your Brand

A great logo is deceptively simple and incredibly hard-working. That one small emblem supports your entire brand – representing your company and what you stand for. Your logo helps people recognize your business, and evokes emotion from your customers. So, it’s often a natural starting place when we begin working with a new customer.
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An iconic logo may look effortless

But trust us - we put countless hours of thought and planning into every logo we design.

Whitetail Hunting Ranch Logo Design - Leona River Ranch - Ranch House Designs
Farm Logo Design Barn Logo Ranch House Designs, Inc.  Sancic Family Farm
Angus Cattle Ranch Logo Design Gable L Ranch Logo by Ranch House Designs, Inc.
Feed Store Logo Design Ranch House Designs Blue Ribbon Country Store Logo
Hereford Cattle Logo Design  Quail Hollow Herefords Logo Design by Ranch House Designs, Inc.
Keep Port Aransas Beautiful - Nonprofit Organization Logo Design - Ranch House Designs
Show Cattle Logo Design Percyview Farms Logo Design by Ranch House Designs, Inc.
Show Cattle Cattle Logo Design Final Drive Show Supply - Ranch House Designs, Inc.
Seedstock Cattle Ranch Logo Design Rieger Ranch - Ranch House Designs, Inc.
Cattle Logo Design - Rosette Ranch Mini Herefords Logo Miniature Hereford Logo Design - Ranch House Designs
Cattle Logo Design Spinazola Cattle Logo design by Ranch House Designs, Inc.
Labradoodle Dog Breeder Logo Design Southern Oklahoma Australian Labradoodles logo design by Ranch House Designs, Inc.

Food For Thought

Here are some questions to think about. Your answers will help us create a great visual foundation for your company.

How Will You Use Your Logo?

Do you want to embroider it on caps and jackets? Do you want to print it on large banners? Will you use it on websites and social media networks? Your answers will determine the shape, styles and colors we will recommend.

Which Logos Do You Like?

Pay attention to the logos of the brands you use every day. Which ones appeal to you and why? Start collecting them (hint: snap photos with your smartphone) and email them to your project manager. It will help use get a better understanding of your preferences and your vision.

Will You Dare To Be Different?

We’ve worked with hundreds of companies, and our experience has taught us that those who dare to be different do well. Don’t be afraid to stand out in the crowd! If all of your competitors use red and black as brand colors, don’t follow suit. Or if they all use illustrations in their logos, consider a text-based logo design.

Fences and barns need fresh coats of paint.

So do LOGOS.

Maybe you already have a logo, one you’ve had for years, and it seems to be working just fine. Why fix what isn’t broken? We have 7 words for you: Rocky Mountain Jeans, avocado sink, bouffant hairdo. Sure those jeans may still fit (good for you if they do!), the sink still drains, and you’ve got your hair care routine down to a science. But that doesn’t mean it’s not time for a change. At Ranch House Designs, we excel at revitalizing logos, while still respecting the integrity of your original design.
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Know Your Logo. The Basics

Most logos can be placed into the following categories. After collecting logos that you like, compare them to the styles listed below. You may notice a pattern to what style of logo you prefer.


Icon logos use letters, graphics or a combination of both to create a bold mark for you business. Cattle brands are great for these type logos. Think of major brands like Apple, Shell, and Nike.


Graphic logos are usually more detailed and artistic than an icon. Our staff can create custom illustrations using your favorite show steer, heifer, or boar. While this is a fun option, it is good to keep in mind that very detailed logos may not size-down as well as a more simple option.


Wordmark logos are ultra-flexible, and place emphasis on the business name, making it a great option for businesses with unique names. Wordmark doesn’t mean boring! Personality is conveyed through expert font selection and letter customization.


An emblem, badge or crest logo is one in which the design elements are typically contained within a background shape. Think of brands like Harley Davidson and Starbucks.