Meet Your Host: Harleigh Goebel

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Sharing Rural America’s Stories in the Digital Era

A native of George West, Texas, the Storytelling Capital of Texas, Harleigh is a Texas A&M University graduate with a degree in Agricultural Communications and Journalism (Class of 2023). She brings a deep-rooted love for storytelling and the Heartland of Rural America to life as the new Digital Media Specialist for Ranch House Designs and the enthusiastic host of the ‘Heartland Hustle’ podcast. Her passion for both agriculture and journalism led her to this unique academic path, equipping her with the skills to bridge the gap between the agriculture industry and the modern digital world.

Leading, Celebrating, and Sharing the Spirit of the Heartland
Harleigh currently serves as the Digital Media Specialist for Ranch House Designs, where she harnesses her expertise in digital communication and content creation. Her role at Ranch House Designs involves developing innovative digital strategies to enhance the brand’s online presence, engage audiences, and tell compelling stories within the agriculture industry.

In addition to her role at Ranch House Designs, Harleigh is set to take the podcasting world by storm as the host of “Heartland Hustle.” This podcast promises to explore the vibrant and hardworking heart of the American heartland. With her background in agricultural communications and journalism, she is well-prepared to uncover the inspiring stories, hard work, and dedication that define the heartland’s ethos. Her commitment to shedding light on the untold tales of the heartland is evident in her enthusiasm for this new endeavor. The “Heartland Hustle” podcast is poised to become a platform where people from all walks of life can connect, celebrate their shared values, and be inspired by the relentless spirit of the heartland.

Beyond the Mic
When she’s not immersed in the world of digital media and podcasting, Harleigh enjoys spending her free time exploring the Texas countryside, staying close to her agricultural roots, and seeking out new opportunities to connect with her community. She is the embodiment of the modern agricultural communicator, bridging the traditional values of the heartland with the ever-evolving world of digital media, ensuring that the stories and achievements of the heartland are celebrated and heard far and wide.