Melatonin Implants 

Kerbe FordWebsite Design Features

Melatonin Implants have been used for years – and with great success. This is an all natural product that helps promote hair growth the safe, natural way. Ever had a hard time sleeping and the doctor recommends a small dose of Melatonin? Well, that because Melatonin serves as a biological switch to signal the body that it is no longer daytime. Melatonin Implants have no negative side effects and will give you a better rate of return compared to oral administration. The use of an implant saves you time and the inconvenience of having to administer it every day as with oral melatonin. Learn more, here:


The Melatonin Implants website design features a powerful header image, drawing attention to the page. The design features a grey-scale color scheme with pops of purple and orange accent colors brighten the overall look and feel. You can even purchase via PayPal directly from the Home page!


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