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Nutra-lix, Inc.

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Nutra-lix is a independently owned supplement and feed business. Primarily located in Montana, Nutra-lix, Inc. serves dealers all across the continental United States. Since 1987, Nutra-lix has focused on the total needs of customers. In addition, the supplements investment in more productive and profitable livestock management. Furthermore, the company offers additional products for horses and pets like dogs and cats. For more information, please visit: https://nutralix.com/


The Nutra-Lix website is modern, user friendly, and enhanced. To illustrate, large header photos, social media icons, and bright colors all enhance the website. Likewise, Nutra-Lix wanted to include a dealer login on their website for easy access. However, our favorite feature has to be the testimonials page. There is nothing quite like knowing you are in good hands! With Nutra-lix, you get an all in one package.


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