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PAW Livestock, LLC markets elite horned and polled Hereford seedstock. In addition, all of the cattle at PAW Livestock are naturally and genetically competitive. Furthermore, since 2010, Patrick and Amanda Wall have helped others grow and expand their operations. Likewise, PAW Livestock offers genetic consulting services, commercial bulls, prospect heifers and steers, and so much more! As Patrick and Amanda Wall would say, they are “livin’ the dream!” For more information, please visit:


The Paw Livestock website design is incredible! For example, the website is open, colorful, and organized. Furthermore, modern features help make the website easy to navigate and mobile friendly. However, our favorite feature has to be the success page. On there, visitors can locate testimonial stories and photos about PAW Livestock. A success page is a great way to showcase your business and engage potential clients. Check it out here,


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