People Can Spot a Fake

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I know it’s not recommended to discuss your political affiliation in business, but, I’m going to share a little private detail.

I signed up for Trump’s new Truth Social app.
When they first announced it, I joined and requested to be in the first group of users.

About a week ago, I got an email saying I was able to download the app in the App Store. Within minutes, I had created an account, and signed in. And, if any of you also did this, you probably noticed a “waiting list” screen.

Well, dang.

167,347 on the list.The first thing I noticed was that that little “refresh” graphic didn’t actually work. It was just a graphic. But you’re thinking you’re going to click on it, and every so often your number would go down….right? Like, okay, this is a popular app, a lot of people are downloading it….this number should start decreasing. But, it didn’t. The refresh button doesn’t work.So, instinctively, I wondered if any of my other friends were on the list, and if so, what their number is.

And who do you think I texted? Matt Lautner. (We all know he likes Trump.)

He was in the same boat. And his comment was “IDK why we just can’t load it and login just like any other app…why this wait?”

Then it reminded me of the classic Jeff Walker strategy for launching a product.
If you aren’t familiar with Jeff Walker, I recommend reading this book – Launch – . It’s a roadmap that a lot of businesses use to launch products and sales. Here is a summary.

When the book came out in 2014, I read the book and used a lot of these marketing practices. It worked great to launch workshops, semen specials, online stores and more.

I feel like now, most people with any marketing background recognize these strategies, and people are kinda “on to” these tactics. But, if you aren’t familiar with it, a good summary or way to know people are using the Launch method are using specific “mental triggers” mostly relating to scarcity and authority. Seriously, it’s a fascinating marketing method and it’s worth reading the cliff notes. Now that I know the plan, I like to see if I can spot businesses that are using it.

  • The server crashed!
  • Scarcity – There’s only X available!
  • Authority – John Doe on our team is so important and you need to pay high prices just to be associated with him.

In this method, there’s a recipe for a scheduled series of emails that you send out at certain times with a specific message at a specific time. (i.e. Only 1 hour remaining!)

Then, the cliff notes says this:

Toward the end of your third prelaunch content release, you should create a sense of scarcity concerning your offer.

Being experienced in this marketing strategy, I can spot it a mile way. And, when I see it, I get skeptical. I question if the marketing messages are event true. I know the server didn’t crash. I know they have the store stocked with unlimited inventory. I know that at a certain time they’ll say “Sold out” whether one person or 1000 actually bought the product. I feel like they’re just trying to sucker me into falling victim to the hype and sucking me in.

And that’s how people started reacting to Truth Social.

Marketing schemes like “create a sense of scarcity” and “make yourself seem like an authority” might have been cool in 2014.

Real and authentic is cool in 2022.

So what’s the point of this blog? People are on to marketing schemes.

People realize when a company’s email marketing doesn’t quite match up with their real life brand persona.

People can spot if the messages someone posts on social media are a complete 180 from what they are like in real life.

Want to stand out this year?

  • Be real. Even if that means you go a few days without making that “expected” social media post. People get busy.
  • Be authentic. Be YOU. Your marketing messages, marketing style, and marketing strategies should reflect who YOU ARE!
  • Do what YOU are comfortable with, a time line and budget that you’re also comfortable with.
  • Don’t put a lot of unnecessary pressure on yourself to be on a certain schedule. It’s okay if you forget to send an email blast 15 minutes after your online sale opens saying “This sale is so popular the server just crashed!” People know the server didn’t crash.
  • Marketing should be FUN! Do things that are enjoyable to you, and FUN!

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