Ranch Kids – Best Ag Children’s Book Recommendations

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Here are this Fall’s favorite books for ranch kids.

1. Harvey: A Ranch Birthday

By Michelle Weber

$14.00 on Amazon

Help Harvey celebrate his birthday as he takes on his first day on the ranch.

2. Hank the Cowdog

By John R Erickson

$5.99 on Amazon

Hank the Cowdog, Head of Ranch Security, is framed for the murder of a chicken and becomes an outlaw with the coyotes.

3. Sarah the Showman

By Rachel Cutrer

$14.95 on Amazon

Sarah the Showman is the story of a young girl who loves animals, loves the outdoors, and loves her family. The series includes 9 books total.

4. Sarah’s Shining Star

By Rachel Cutrer

$14.95 on Amazon

Sarah expands her showing horizons to include a second breed of cattle.

5. Sarah and the Show Pig

By Rachel Cutrer

$14.95 on Amazon

Sarah and her friend Haley decide it’s time to get a show pig! Join the two pals as they learn what it takes to prepare a pig for the county fair.

6. Sarah and the Feed Room Monster

By Rachel Cutrer

$15.00 on Amazon

Get your Halloween candy ready! Sarah hears a spooky noise coming from the feed room. What could it possibly be?

7. Sarah’s County Fair

By Rachel Cutrer

$14.95 on Amazon

In book #5 of the series, find out how Sarah did with her pig at the county fair.

8. Sarah’s Favorite Heifer

By Rachel Cutrer

$14.95 on Amazon

Out of all of the heifers in Sarah’s barn, who could the favorite be? Learn how one heifer never stops believing in herself.

9. Sarah’s Angus Dream

By Rachel Cutrer

$14.95 on Amazon

Sarah is always up for a challenge and decides to dip her toes in the National Junior Angus Association.

10. Sarah Hates Losing

By Rachel Cutrer

$14.95 on Amazon

Have you ever had to lose something really special to you? In this book, Sarah has to learn how to make the best out of a situation when things don’t go her way.

11. Sarah’s Louisville Adventure

By Rachel Cutrer

$15.00 on Amazon

In book #9, Sarah finally makes her way to one of the biggest shows in the USA: the North American International Livestock Exposition. Follow along to see how Sarah does!

12. Hayfield Finds a Home

By Rachel Cutrer

$9.95 on Amazon

The charming story of a sweet beagle dog, who stumbles upon a ranch and decides to make it his home.

13. Hayfield on the Trail

By Rachel Cutrer

$14.95 on Amazon

Hayfield now lives on a South Texas ranch. You’ll never know what he’ll find!

14. If you Give A Pig A Pancake

By Laura Numeroff

$14.49 on Amazon

If you give a pig a pancake, you never know what could happen.

15. Cowgirl Kate

By Erica Silverman

$5.95 on Amazon

Hold on to your hats! Cowgirl Kate and her Cowhorse, Cocoa, are going to take you for a spin!

16. Corny Cornpicker Finds A Home

By Lois Z. Hobbs and Roy A. Bostrom

$6.45 on Amazon

A John Deere Storybook for Little Folks.

17. Otis the Tractor

By Loren Long

$15.34 on Amazon

Otis is everyone’s favorite tractor who loves to work.

18. Johnny Tractor and Friends

By John Deere

$6.70 on Amazon

Follow along with Johnny Tractor and his pals.

19. Charlie and the Ranch Dog

By Ree Drummond

$10.98 on Amazon

Follow Charlie as he works along the ranch.

20. Charlotte’s Web

By E. B White

$7.99 on Amazon

A classic novel about friendship, love, and life.

21. Roadie the Ranch Dog #1

By Scott Haynes

Meet the world-famous ranch dog Roadie.

22. Esther the Wonder Pig

By Steve Jenkins

$16.24 on Amazon

This true adventures of Esther the pig are inspired millions around the world.

23. Grady’s in the Silo

By Una Belle Townsend

$14.28 on Amazon

When Grady gets stuck in the silo, the entire world has to pitch in and help out

24. Little House on the Prairie series

By Laura Ingalls Wilder

$51.88 on Amazon

The nine books of the Little House series tell the story of Laura’s childhood as an American pioneer.

25. Winter on the Farm

By Laura Ingalls Wilder

$6.99 on Amazon

This Little House picture book introduces Almanzo Wilder, a young farmer boy.

26. Can a Rooster Drive a Tractor

By Shelley Richardson

$19.94 on Amazon

A delightful, rhyming, colorful book for preschool children.

27. Pony Pals Series

By Jeanne Betancourt

$41.42 on Amazon

A 10 book series any horse lover with adore.

28. Old Yeller

By Fred Gipson

$13.00 on Amazon

A simple story of a boy and his dog in the Texas hill country.

29. Sakes Alive! A Cattle Drive

By Karma Wilson

$6.77 on Amazon

Two cows, Mabel and Molly, take the farmer’s truck and go for an eventful joyride into town.

30. Cock A Moo Moo

By Juliet Dallas-Conte

$8.00 on Amazon

Rooster finds the courage within to crow and warn everyone of danger.

31. Hogwash

By Karma Wilson

$16.21 on Amazon

Farmer’s stubborn pigs refuse to be hogwashed, and no matter what he tries, poor Farmer cannot trick them into getting clean.

32. Ferdinand

By Munro Leaf

$4.99 on Amazon

Ferdinand is the world’s most peaceful–and–beloved little bull.

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