RHD Favorite Designs of 2019

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As we enter our 21st year of business, we have some exciting things coming down the pipe for 2020 that you’ll be reading about in the next few weeks and months. But, before that, we wanted to share some of our team’s FAVORITES of 2019…..

Robstown Hardware is one of our agri-business clients in South Texas. We maintain their Facebook and get to do a ton of great graphics for this professional team.

We have worked with the South Texas legend – Lyssy and Eckel – for four years now. We help them with a variety of projects like logo designs, business cards, and print materials. This is an amazing Texas feed store and family-owned and operated business and we love their team.

More South Texas! This was one of our favorite print ads of 2019 and it was the sale promotional campaign for Thomas Charolais of Raymondville, Texas. I just looked up their stats, and we have done 228 different projects for this amazing family ranch since they became a Ranch House customer in 2010.

Favorite Sale Catalog Cover! Ingram Angus of Tennessee. This is a elite Angus operation that we have been working with for three years in preparation for their inaugural Angus sale last fall. It’s a true joy to work with the Ingram team, especially when you have great photos to work with like this one taken by Kyla Fawcett of Focus Marketing.

This fall we began working with Cactus Ropes and that really satisfied all the rodeo fan girls here in the office! We have worked with them on several projects this fall and were proud to be the design team behind “The Future” product launch which will be coming January 2020.

HATCH for Hunger was one of our favorite web design projects of 2019, which was designed in collaboration with Sarah as the designer and Nicole Erceg as the strategist and writer. This was an amazing project of using eggs for the greater good. A super fun one and we loved the design.

I’m partial to this one, but this is a print ad for my own Brahman Country Beef retail beef program. Sarah did this one too and nailed it. I loved the classy design and bold look that still captures the ranching heritage I’m so proud of.

Speaking of re-branding, I have to share the new logo for my new cattle ranch that Sarah also designed. I love it.

Another web design favorite of 2019 – Independence Wool. This one features a great Texas grown wool product, which was so fun. For 2019 one of our major service area was working with authentic, farm-to-table products like Independence Wool. We saw a lot of work in farm-to-table beef, wine, farm products, bespoke fashion or accessories, and more. These are always so fun to work with because the stories behind each of these brands are so powerful.

One of Sarah’s favorite logos, because this one combines the really difficult challenge of working in a lot of distinct design elements but still tying it together profesionally. This one had two calves – each of a different color – the business name, and a ranch brand. Sarah combined these 4 elements perfectly in this classy, long-lasting logo.

Favorite Unique Brochure Piece – ValHalla Cattle’s promotion for their bull Regulator. Kristen and Paul worked together to come up with this unique size, half fold brochure with a custom coated finish that really made the project stand out.

Favorite Non-Profit Design was another one of Kristen’s designs and this one is for The Grace Loncar Foundation. These little cards were designed to help teens and young adults fight depression while raising awareness about mental health. Thousands are handed out to teens. This was an honor to be involved with.

Favorite Business Design of 2019 – The 5D Steakhouse Drink Menu project. We are obsessed with 5D and literally beg them daily to please open a location in our county! This is a great south Texas steakhouse and we are proud to do their print marketing work including this cool menu design and weekly promotions for all of their great restaurants.

Back to websites – This one is Great Horizon Ranch – a truly unique South Texas hunting experience that we recently created. This was one of Kristen’s favorite designs of 2019 and I am just itching to book a hunt there myself because it looks amazing.

At Thanksgiving, one of my church friends who’s originally from Tennessee said to me, “Rachel, I know you like Texas pecans but I shipped in these pecans from Georgia and you really got to try them…” To which I proudly replied, “Sir, I DO THE WEBSITE for GEORGIA PECAN!” ha ha. This group was a dream to work with. We did a full website design for them this summer and their team is amazing – and so are Georgia pecans!

And drumroll please, our favorite cattle web design of 2019 – Matt Lautner Cattle. Whew, there’s a lot of history here dating back to 2004, but when Matt called me in June and said “Rachel, I need a new website,” of course we got right on it. This one was a very detailed, intense website representing what we feel are some of the best club calf bulls in the USA right now. And for fun, I just went back and looked at the track record of Matt Lautner Cattle and RHD – and we’ve done 463 projects together since 2004. WOW.

So, here we are reflecting on all the joyful projects we have done in 2019, and we are looking to grow in 2020. We would LOVE to have the opportunity to work with you. Give us a call if you want to talk. Whatever your dreams of making your farm, ranch, or ag business better in 2020, my team and I can help. That’s what we do. We are here to be the creative support team behind your great ideas in the next decade!

Feel free to call me at 979-532-9141 or 979-218-4157 if you’d like to talk, or just get started here with our request a quote.

Best wishes for 2020!! Who knows, next year, it might be YOUR project that’s featured in our 2020 best designs.