RHD vs other website designers

RHD vs. Other Designers

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Choosing a web design or marketing firm is one of the most important  decisions a business can make. Just as businesses wants to have trusted relationships with accountants, lawyers, and other professionals, your web design firm and marketing agency needs to be people who fit in with your business values and mission.

Not all web designers are created equal – even in the agricultural industry. Here are a few ways that Ranch House Designs is different than many other web designers – especially those that serve the agriculture and livestock sector.

1. We are a USA based company.
Our offices are located in the small rural town of Wharton, Texas. We believe in rural entrepreneurship. All of our web designs are custom designs, created by our full time, dedicated graphic designers right here in the USA. We never outsource designs to random designers in other countries.

2. All of our designs and updates are done by our in house team.
We have two full time, salaried graphic designers that are part of the Ranch House team as their full time career. We also have two full time, salaried project managers and two full time, salaried updates team members. This brings a total of six full time, salaried employees who serve our clients. We don’t use fly by night designers who live in India that we find online in cheap message boards or outsourcing services.

3. When you do business with RHD, you’re helping a small rural business.
We serve a global clientele, but our roots are in rural agriculture. We are actually one of the top 10 largest employers in our county. By doing business with RHD, you’re helping build a small business that helps 16 different rural families.

4. We offer unlimited updates to your website.
We are one of the few remaining website firms that offer an “unlimited” updates plan for your website. Most firms now days charge by the hour for your updates, which can add up to a lot of additional fees. Our annual web contracts make it easy to budget your website costs.

5. We all understand agriculture.
It’s a requirement to work at Ranch House that you have to know about agriculture, and the cattle business. Whether it’s being a show mom, or being a former FFA member, or having a degree in ag communications – our team is well versed in everything agriculture. We stay abreast of industry trends and current events so that we can maximize our services to our agricultural clientele.

6. We believe in long term relationships.
We have several clients who’ve had their website with us since 1999. The average life span of a RHD website client is over 8 years, and most of the time, when people take down their website it’s for business changes – not a dissatisfied relationship with us. We are here for the long haul and work to build relationships and be your trusted marketing partner.

7. We answer respond quickly to emails and answer our phones.
Many of us use our cell phones, and so we answer texts and emails at all times. We are here for you. We know sometimes you need a quick answer.

8. Our updates team is super fast.
Since we started tracking our updates turnaround time in 2013, we have averaged over 97% of our updates on the SAME DAY service. Our dedicated updates team is committed to serving clients at lightning speed.