Rowen Oak Farm

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Involved in the show sheep, lamb and heifer business, Rowen Oak Farm has a unique story behind its name. The family members behind the newly started operation said they combined their childrens’ names, Reagan and Owen, to get “Rowen” and added “Oak” for the large oak in their front yard. Located in Michigan, the Rowen Oak operation focuses on producing sheep and lambs that combine structural correctness with muscle and eye appeal, making them ready for the show ring.


We were excited to work on both the Rowen Oak Farm website and logo! We used warm sunset tones and a silhouette of an oak tree for the sleek logo. Those same oranges and yellows are also included in the website design, acting as a great accent on the page. For the content, we added pages that showcase livestock for sale and that provide more information about the family business. We also used a family photo on the front page and a farm photo behind the logo to really give the website a friendly, family feel. This new website is a perfect start to help promote a great operation just getting on its feet.


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