Showmen Around the World

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For those of us in the United States, I feel like we have a fairly common stock show attire. Everyone has their individual preferences or style that make us unique, but in general, when you walk into any showring in the United States you’ll find the showman in denim jeans, a button down shirt, dark shoes, and an overall, western attire. Something like this….

Through my involvement with the Brahman breed, I’ve been fortunate to attend shows all around the world. One of the most interesting things I have seen is the differences in showring attire in each various country. So, I thought it would be neat to share some photos of showmen around the world.


How awesome is this outfit!!! It just screams of the heritage of their country, tradition, and pride. It looks so professional. My dad has judged in Argentina and it was so rainy there that the showring was a complete mudhole. He even judged in rubber boots. This outfit is just breathtaking. I love it.

I also love how the winners display their awards over the animal’s back, and how they pin the ribbons on their show halters. It looks so regal.


Again, the standard showman attire of Australia is sheer perfection. The showmen all wear a solid color lab coat (I guess that’s what we would call it in the USA) and many wear a cowboy hat. This outfit is one of the most similar to the ones we are used to seeing in the USA. The crisp, ironed show coat really creates uniformity among the showmen and makes them look ultra professional.


The crisp white lab coat is also the favored showmen attire of England and Ireland. Just beautiful.

In South American countries, like this picture taken in Guatemala, the showring attire is similar to the USA but modified for much warmer weather. Most of the shows are either outside, or in a non-air-conditioned arena. They are also in the heat of summer, so it gets very hot. Most showmen wear a short sleeve button down shirt with their ranch logo on the front.

One thing I have also noticed is the sheer excitement and passion that the showmen have in these central American countries. This photo was taken right as this bull was selected grand champion. The showmen are just on fire with passion and excitement for the show. Here you can see the showman celebrating his victory with sheer jubilation!

The Colombian showmen wear these Colombian hats, which are just amazing.


I also really enjoyed the outfits of Namibia, an African country. Again, the weather here is very hot. I love how they display the ribbons over the animal. In this photo, the showmen as well is displaying the ribbons around his neck. Again, similar to Guatemala, you can see the show is outdoor, and very hot, thus the showman’s outfit is cooler, and suited for the athletic skills needed in showing.

In Thailand, the showman’s attire also follows a very traditional western cowboy outfit. Photo by The Brahman Journal.

While we all may dress differently, one thing is the same: the love of the game, and the cattle. Do you have any show photos from around the globe? We would love to see them!