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Small in the Saddle: FFA Roots to Little Cowboy Boots

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Ashleigh Wingo is Taking Children’s Western Wear by Storm

By Shannon Bellis

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There is nothing more exciting than buying your child their first pair of cowboy boots. With a sparkle in their eye and a smile on their face, it can easily become one of your most cherished memories. The ceremonial “passing of the torch” of enthusiasm and passion for the western way-of-life to the next generation is something to remember.

small in the saddle

Small in the Saddle, a children’s western boutique located in Bellville, Texas, has made your search for “just the right western look” even easier. Whether you’re looking for boots, the right cowboy hat, or anything in between for your youngster, this children’s boutique has become the go-to place for infant and toddler western fashion.

“My start with Small in the Saddle was definitely a God-calling,” said Ashleigh Wingo, owner of the business. Ashleigh purchased Small in the Saddle in 2016, along with her mother-in-law Annie, from a gentleman who attended the same church. “He was looking for a career change, and I was looking for a new adventure.”

Ashleigh’s passion for agriculture began when she joined FFA as a freshman in High School.  Her experiences working with livestock in and out of the show ring led her to Sam Houston State University where she majored in Animal Science with a minor in Agricultural Business.  

After a quick stint as an asset manager for a swine operation post graduation, Ashleigh knew she needed to pursue her true dream: to own her own business.

“I have always loved the wide spectrum of western fashion,” Ashleigh said. “It can range from the tried and true button-down shirt with jeans and boots, to casual tees dressed up with dusters and turquoise,” she said. “I feel like people know a bit of who you are by what you wear.”

But despite the array of choices for adult western fashion, Ashleigh noticed that the market options for children were slim. Cue Small in the Saddle – a company solely focused on meeting the western fashion needs of infants and toddlers.

small in the saddle

“I’ve really had to search hard to find unique products that stand out and represent the roots of this business,” she said. “It is our goal to keep everything affordable for our customers.”

“One of the things I love most about my job is the faces of the children when they try on their first pair of real cowboy boots and the joy it brings to the parents and grandparents who shop for them,” Ashleigh said.  

“Those moments alone really make this business worth it,” she said. “It gives me the fuel and excitement to constantly be looking for new products for the shop.”

In order to grow, Ashleigh said she is excited to focus on building personal relationships with her customers and building the company’s online presence with the help of Ranch House Designs. The website Ranch House recently designed for the company allows Ashleigh to ship items nationwide and allow customers a wider array of clothing to choose from.

“I am so thankful I discovered Ranch House and their team,” Ashleigh said. “They took my ideas and created a website design that complements my business. I loved my experience with Ranch House and I highly recommend them for any website, advertising or design need.”

From jeans and pearl snaps to casual western wear, Ashleigh has managed to offer clientele a variety of children’s western wear items at an affordable price. “Boots, belts and cowboy hats are among the favorites,” she said. However, you can also find an assortment of western themed toys, stuffed animals, puzzles, and books.  

Whether your child is headed off to daycare and needs a nap mat and backpack, or you’re going to a baby shower and want to gift an assortment of pacifiers, bibs and mealtime sets, Small in the Saddle has you covered.

After all, we’re not just wearing western attire… we’re living it. And Small in the Saddle is keeping western heritage alive and well for generations to come.

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