Someone’s got to be Last – 5 Reasons Last Place Isn’t So Bad

rhdRHD Blog

By: Kellie Gregorich

I had just placed last in the class and as I walked out of the ring the judge looked right at me and said, “Someone has to be last.” Thanks. That was a great reason judge.

We’ve all been in last place. Every single one of us and we all know how it feels. But, have any of you ever looked at the benefits of getting last place? That’s right! I said BENEFITS. Here are five great reasons why getting last place isn’t so bad.

1.) You’re DONE for the day!
No more worrying about your calf laying down and messing up your perfect groom job. Take that calf to the wash rack, wash up, and then you get to sit the rest of the day out! This means relaxation for you! Take the day to meet new people, experience new things, sit in the air conditioning, and have some fun!

2.) You can finally breathe again.
You know the feeling. The pressure and anxiety of going in to class after class has finally ceased. You’ve been moving a hundred miles an hour for the last few days and things have finally slowed down. It’s that huge sigh of relief and being finished. A job well done.

3.) You learned at a young age that sharing is caring.
By getting last you shared that winning feeling. Yes, it sucks it wasn’t you this time, but someone else is experiencing that amazing feeling this time. It could possibly be their very first win and accomplished a huge goal of theirs. Look at you, letting someone else reach a milestone in their life. Good for you!

4.) It builds character.
Yep, I said it. By getting last you’re learning more about yourself than you actually thought. Here’s what you’re learning:
a. How to be happy for someone else and congratulate them on their success.
b. How to hold your head high even in the worst situation.
c. That this isn’t the worst thing that could have actually ever happened to you even if it feels like it at the time.
d. Sometimes hard work doesn’t always pay off, but knowing you gave it your all is a success in its own. It takes a very mature person to understand this.
e. How to not let one loss ruin your attitude, but uses it to push harder next time.

5.) Last doesn’t mean worst.
Even though you placed last it doesn’t mean you had the absolute worst possible animal. Take the time to listen to what the judge has to say. By getting last you learn what you need to work on and look for in an animal. Getting last helps you IMPROVE and get better! You may not be the winner at this show, but you’re going to be more prepared and ready for the next!

Showing livestock is such a fun and exciting time even if you get last place. Embrace everything else happening around you and really get the full experience of stock show life.