Sorry I was running behind..

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Oh man, so every Tuesday is my “day” to write our weekly Ranch House email newsletters, but last week I was running behind.

Because here’s what happened:

I came into work all gung-ho on Monday morning, and I was going to get.things.done!

But then about 9:30, something hit me and all of a sudden I had a 103 fever. Knocked me flat out.

Spent Tuesday trying to recover. Spent Wednesday working at our new barn meeting contractors and stuff since we are trying to get situated.

So here it is, Thursday, and I’m thinkingĀ WHERE HAS THE WEEK GONE!?

New Barn underway – I figured everyone likes to see a new barn picture! šŸ™‚

I’m guessing you might feel like this sometimes! We find it a lot when people get to working on a big marketing project like a new website or a new logo. You start off all excited, but then life hits you, or your emails get lost once they fall beneath the first 10 visible on your screen.

Next thing you know, your big event is a week away and you haven’t done anything you intended.

So here’s how Ranch House can help!

Let us guide your way in small, achieveable goals to get your marketing dreams into action.

If you want a new website: Great, just give us the word. We organize your project and hold your hand along the way to make it very easy for you.

Thinking of a new business idea and need a new logo? Again, let us do the heavy lifting for you. We can help brainstorm names, slogans, logo design and more.

Heck, we even have a package that is a complete “ranch marketing starter package” that gives you everything you need like a logo, website, signs, and more. We do it all for you.

We have two amazing project managers – Kerbe and Tara – who’s job is to hold your hand through the process making it very easy for you to give ideas, give approvals, and move the project along in a very speedy way.

In fact – the average time from when you book your project and get your first proof is often less than 1 week! We are that good!

We have a LOT of exciting things going on at Ranch House as always! Here are a few reminders:

Did you see our new service: CattleText? It’s a text messaging platform that YOU handle yourselves. Pay as you go, or choose a monthly contract. Learn more at

Do you still have a HTML website! Oh lawdy! For real? Don’t be embarrassed. We just met with one of my favorite cousins yesterday to upgrade his old HTML website and he’s like a leading businessman. If you have a HTML website, it’s time to get with the times. All of our websites at RHD are designed in the WordPress, mobile friendly platform.Ā Read this blog to learn more about it.Ā ThenĀ Request a QuoteĀ and we’ll get you an estimate within 24 hours with a cost to upgrade your new website.

We just announced our date for the all new RHD “Brand Builders” Marketing Seminar. And I am REALLY excited. We have re-worked our already popular workshop to feature more breakout groups and special interest tracts for:

-Livestock photographers / graphic designers

-Boss Babes / Rural Entrepreneurs / Farm to Table

-Purebred cattle breeders

So about half of the workshop will feature customized breakout sessions in these focus areas, and then 3-4 main keynotes for everyone.

Registration is NOW open – with only 30 Early Bird Tickets selling at $299.
After those sell, registration will be $399 per person. Couple discounts available.

Click here to get the schedule!

If we can help you at any time, let us know!! Again, we are here to help and we love working with ag businesses, livestock producers, and mainstream businesses to help your marketing dreams become reality. Email us,Ā book a call, orĀ request a quoteĀ to see how RHD and you can work together.