Sunrise Sunset Farm

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The family of Sunrise Sunset Farm is actually the same family that owns Cates Farms, an operation we’ve worked with since 1999 and whose website we also designed. So we were happy to create the new mobile optimized Sunrise Sunset Farm website for our longtime client and friend. The Indiana operation breeds registered Angus cattle that can perform in the show ring, breeding operation or feedlot. At Sunrise Sunset Farm, the goal is to breed Angus that are competitive in the show ring but also continue to make a positive impact on a customer’s herd after years of showing. You can check out what the operation has to offer in the fall Star Search sale, hosted by Cates Farms, or the spring online sale.


For the website design, we used navy blue, black and yellow with textured backgrounds to create a classic, yet rustic vibe that also perfectly matched the Sunrise Sunset Farm logo. And pages showcasing sires and donors, champions and sale info are a great way to reach an audience of serious Angus breeders. The overall professional look is visually appealing and eye catching.


We are so happy to provide cattle operations such as Sunrise Sunset Farm and Cates Farms with great website and print design services. Since 1999 we have been creating top designs for farms and ranches, which make up the largest part of our client base. Check out our website to see what advertising and marketing design services we can offer you. Ready for a free website quote? Fill out our get started form and we’ll be in touch within one business day.