Ted Howard Stockmanship

Kerbe FordWebsite Design Features

The goal at Ted Howard Stockmanship is to help stockmen and women utilize their horse successfully in cattle handling situations. By learning basic horsemanship principles, Ted believes the stockman will better understand how to ask of their horse properly. From horsemanship clinics to team building consultations, Ted Howard can help you reach your stockmanship goals with personal, one-on-one training. To learn more about the services offered at Ted Howard Stockmanship, please visit their new website here: https://tedhowardstockmanship.com/


Ted Howard Stockmanship website design features a rustic, western look. The header design showcases Ted hard at work with the many services he provides his customers. The neutral colors of the website contrast well with the textured dark brown leather trim and maroon page headlines, catching the eye of any visitor! The faded background photo adds the perfect touch to finish off the websites western feel!


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