Top Things Your Non-Stock Show Friends Say and Do During Summer Vacation

rhdRHD Blog

It’s no surprise that summers are totally different when you’re a stock show kid. Here’s just a few examples we can all relate to:

Your friends: Have a summer romance with someone from the neighboring town because they met at the city pool.
You: Have a summer romance with someone from another state because you met at Junior Nationals.

Your friends: “Want to go to the waterpark this afternoon?”
You: “Only if my washrack counts as a water park?” 

Your friends: “Have you seen Oceans 8 yet?” 
You: “Have you seen Sullivan’s summer product launch yet?” 

Your friends: Isn’t it awesome to not have any homework this summer?
You: Yeah. I just have to write a speech for public speaking, study for my herdsman quiz, and come up with an entry for the photography contest.

Your friend: (Wearing a tank top) “Why are you wearing a hoodie in the middle of July?”
You: “Oh, I’ve been brushing calves under the fan all morning.” 

Your friend: “Ahhh, I slept till noon today!”
You: “Ahhh, I got up at 6 a.m. to feed.” 

Your friends: “You going to volleyball camp next week?”
You: “No, I’m going to Be A Champ.” 

Your friends: “Wanna catch the local fireworks show 4th of July?”
You: “Sorry, I’ll be at Junior Nationals.” 

Your friends: “Wanna catch a movie tonight?”
You: “Sorry, I need to wait til it cools off to turn out calves.” 

Your friends: “How do you like my new tan?”
You: “How do you like my farmer tan?” 

Your friends: “I spent the whole morning laying on the couch watching Netflix.”
You: “I spent the whole morning halter breaking a calf my dad decided we should try to take to Junior Nationals in two weeks.” 

Your friends: “It’s so relaxing to have no responsibility this summer!”
You: “I have 13 head in the barn.” 

Your friends: “Why did it take you 2 hours to text me back?”
You: “Sorry, I was on the wash rack.”

What are some other differences you can share?