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Being a Maryland native and attending college 20 hours west from home, it’s safe to say that I am always on the road. Most of the time I am traveling to cattle shows, to take portraits (of livestock and people), or most recently to plan for my upcoming wedding! Sometimes I think I sleep more on an airplane than in the comfort of my own bed.

A month ago I traveled for something not pertaining to livestock, work, or photography. I hopped on an airplane and flew to the city of music for my bachelorette party and let me tell you, we are already planning another trip back!

Among the museums, shopping, bars and entertainment, I included a list of must-do’s when visiting Nashville, Tennessee!

1. Broadway

travel nashville

This area features entertainment and restaurants (Tootsies and Legends are my favorite). Most of these bars are three stories tall, with a live band on every floor! Make sure you bring cash, and you can have the band play your favorite tune – even your college fight song!

2. The Pedal Tavern

travel nashville

Pedal your way through town and enjoy your favorite drinks on the go! This is a great idea if you have a large group. You can enjoy each other’s company and also explore the downtown area.

3. Coyote Ugly

travel nashville

Okay, I think it’s safe to say that any person who watched this 90’s movie loved it and wanted to visit this venue first-hand. This place was at the top of my bucket list, and it did not disappoint! You will have fun, especially with a large group of friends.

4. The Gulch

travel nashville

We loved this area in the south-west part of Nashville. It was not only great for shopping at Lucchese and other boutiques, but it’s the perfect location to get your nails done at the Gulch Nail Bar and eat at the famous Biscuit Love.

travel nashville

I also got my photo taken at the wall with Kelsey Montague Art – talk about stunning artwork! Oh, and I spotted some gorgeous Charlie 1 Horse Hats along my tour!

travel nashville

5. The Grand Ole Opry

travel nashville

When I think of Nashville, this is the first place that comes to my mind. This is where you can go for one-of-a-kind entertainment from new country music stars, to legends live on stage! Basically, it made country music famous.

6. Comfort is Key

Nashville means walking a lot of miles! Don’t forget to pack comfortable shoes so you can go to every place on your list. Walking also saves time, since you’re not trying to find a spot to park your vehicle. We used Uber and Lyft for a ride through town if we needed to travel far distances.