Twas the night before Show Day

rhdRHD Blog

Twas the night before Show Day, and all through the barn
Not a show calf was stirring; all were cozy at the farm.
The little showmen were nestled all snug in their beds,
While visions of banners and buckles danced in their heads.
Mamma had finished her lists and I’d packed the trailer tight;
We’d finally settled down for what was left of the night.
When just outside there was such a ruckus with sounds of all kinds,
I thought our poor ranch dogs were going to lose their minds!
So I grabbed my gun and flashlight as out of bed I flew,
Running out into the night in my boxers without any shoes.
As I stumbled outside you’ll never guess what appeared.
Wow, here in cattle country I saw reindeer!
It was after sundown and me without a proper hunting gun,
Or that reindeer might have been in my freezer before he could run.
As I pondered the shot more and steadied my gaze
You wouldn’t believe what else appeared through the haze.
There were several reindeer milling about a very fancy rig;
It was a bright red stock trailer filled with goodies for lamb, goat, calf and pig.
Then a figure emerged, loaded down with cool stuff in a big pile;
He was wearing a fine Stetson and his worn boots had traveled many a mile.
His jeans starched so stiff they could stand on their own,
Held up by an old champion buckle, his favorite from many at home.
He wore a red blazer and tie as he moved through the night.
I scratched my head and thought something ain’t right?
I stepped back into the shadows and watched this guy work,
And couldn’t shake the feeling our paths crossed before, I thought with a shirk.
He was unloading custom show harnesses, tack, and goodies galore,
Something each of our little showmen would absolutely adore.
A brand new blower and fancy show box quickly appeared in the night air,
Along with potions, clippers, combs, and brushes all to work hair.
There were useful things, and wish list things, and even a little bling
All in this huge pile of goodies the kind stranger did bring.
As he finished his work he tipped his hat to me with a twinkle in his eye;
I told him thank you and went to shake his hand goodbye.
As he passed his lead reindeer he paused just a bit;
He gave it a smiling nod and slap on the hip.
At last I remembered where I’d seen this kind stranger before,
His booming voice on the mic, handshakes, and more.
Instead of giving Christmas gifts, it’s usually buckles and banners he bestows,
This mysterious gentleman had judged many a shows.
I stood there wide eyed while he slipped away out of sight.
I heard him chuckling and his shout of “Merry Stock Show Christmas!” rang out through the night!