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Located in Plantersville, Texas, Urbanosky Ranch is a family-owned farm specializing in Santa Getrudis cattle. From the beginning, family and a good cow herd has always been the center focus of Urbanosky! Starting small and growing over the years has been a dream come true for owner Jerome Urbanosky. Now, when we say small, we are talking about one heifer who started it all! Today, the herd provides high quality seedstock for commercial and purebred cattlemen. Over the years, hard work has paid off for Urbanosky. In addition to stellar herd sires and bulls, Urbanosky was the first ranch to clone a Santa Getrudis! How cool is that? For more information, please visit: https://urbanoskyranch.com/


Two words come to mind when we think of the Urbanosky Ranch website: modern and clean-cut. Urbanosky turned to Ranch House Designs to help them market their business more effectively. The newly designed website is 100% mobile responsive, user friendly, and simple. Ranch House Designs custom built this website from scratch and included every necessity Urbanosky needed. Likewise, the cattle for sale tabs and photo gallery highlight everything going on at the ranch.


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