Ways RHD can help you with your Online Fall Sale

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Online sales are a major part of any ranching operations marketing success. Make this year’s online sale your best bet with these simple tips. This is our general checklist of to-do items before, during and after a sale. If we can help you with any of these aspects, we would love to be your marketing right-hand-women. 

• Make sure your sale date is on your website home page so people can easily see it.
• Have a cattle for sale page on your website with sale pics and videos. 
• Once your online sale page goes live, add that link to your website home page. 
• Have a catalog request page on your website.
• Email your catalog to your mailing list.
• Have a Facebook business page setup so you can advertise the sale.
• Create a Facebook event for your sale. 
• Make a new Facebook cover image about the sale. 
• Post a link to your sale page on Facebook.
• When online sale goes live send email blast.
• Day of sale send email blast.
• Remove sale date from home page after the event.