Website Content Writing Tips

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Need some ideas for writing your website content?

Here are some tips to help you get started:

1. Make sure your content includes your business name! You might think that is a no brainer, but a lot of people miss this. We recommend using your business name or variations of the name at least three times on the home page.

Some examples:

Welcome to Ranch House Designs – or also known as RHD! We are a web design agency located in Wharton, Texas (about an hour south of Houston). Established in 1999, the Ranch House Designs team takes extreme pride in serving over 800 website clients around the world. Give us a call today to request a quote for your new logo or website and let the Ranch House team start working their magic for you!

Grass fed, grain finished, and hormone-free, Brahman Country Beef® is the highest quality beef in taste, marbling, and tenderness. Texan cattle ranchers Rachel and Brandon Cutrer know a thing or two about Brahman beef – they are 7th and 8th generation Brahman ranchers with agricultural roots date back to the 1800’s. They still work together every day on their family land, where they’re committed to optimal cattle health, nutrition, and quality.

In 2018, they created Brahman Country Beef as a way to share their eight generations of ranching heritage and give others a safe, healthy protein choice. Processed at Dean & Peeler Meat Works, Brahman Country Beef is healthy, tender, delicious beef from their family to yours.

BR Cutrer (BRC) is one of the nation’s largest Brahman seedstock operations, located in Boling, Texas. While our roots are planted firmly in the past, we are driven with a vision for the future, and we want you to join us.

Led by the vision of Brandon and Rachel Cutrer (BRC), the ranch consistently produces and develops some of the most highly recognized Brahman cattle in the world by interweaving the strongest Brahman female lines matched with strong, powerful, leading Brahman performance sires.

2. If you’re a rancher, make sure to including your breed of cattle. Again, you can’t be found on Google for “angus cattle” if you don’t have that phrase on your website. Make sure to work in your breed at least three times per page if possible.

On your herd sire page: Thank you for viewing our Angus bulls. The bulls pictured below are some of the key sires used in our Angus program, where we focus on performance and eye appeal. We offer Angus bulls for sale year round.

3. If you’re a business owner, include your location, key services and variations of phrases a prospective customer might use to search for you.

Here at Smith Roofing, we specialize in serving the Houston area with all your roofing needs – from residential roofing to commercial roofing and beyond. Let us install your new roof for new construction projectsreplace your existing roof, help with shingle repair, add gutters, and more. We offer free estimates within 30 miles of Houston, Texas. Contact the Smith Roofing team and let’s make your dreams a reality.

4. You won’t show up in location based searches unless you list your address. “Near me” searches are very popular – for example “Brahman breeders near me.” However, you must have your address listed on your website for Google to know your location in relation to the viewer’s location.

We understand some clients like privacy – and we get that. But, if you don’t have a city and state listed, your website will be limited in search engines. We recommend having your full address listed, and trying to work in major city names in your area too.

Example: Brahman Country Beef is based out of Wharton, Texas, which is conveniently located just 10 minutes from Boling, El Campo, Hungerford and East Bernard. And, we are less than a 30 minute drive from Bay City / Richmond / Rosenberg / Sugarland area. Head out of Houston down Hwy 59 and come pickup the best beef in the Houston area!

(This will help you come up if viewers search from these areas).

Need help getting started?

  • It’s always a good idea to start with a welcome sentence. 
  • Then, include 2-3 sentences about what makes you unique, your vision, your goals, your history, etc. 
  • Close with a “call to action” which helps the viewer know what to do next.
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Want us to just do it?
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