Website Problems to Avoid

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Building websites is something we take seriously – and one of our biggest areas of business at Ranch House Designs. We strive to help our clients enhance their marketing with a strong online presence, while keeping each clients specific business in mind and creating a unique website for each of them. You can check out our Website Gallery, here, to see some of the fun designs we have been working on so far this year! 

Building a website isn’t just about the design. The content and layout of your pages speaks volumes! Have you ever been so overwhelmed looking for something specific online that you just throw in the towel and give up? Many people forget that simple does not mean less professional! In most cases, a busy website is actually less user-friendly than most would prefer.

 That’s where we come in. Today, we will discuss the common website problems and things to avoid. 

An outdated design:

If your website was built in 1992, it’s probably time for an upgrade. Technology has changed so much over the years and keeping up with the times is essential when it comes to your online presence. 

If you ask me, website design can often be an under-appreciated service. Many companies and small business owners assume they can build their own website to save on money or resources, when in reality, are overlooking the key design aspects that make a website successful.

The most common of these – is your website mobile friendly? In today’s day in age, we all find ourselves on the go 24/7. Reaching for our cell phone to look something up on the internet is quite common and probably something you do more than you realize. 

At Ranch House Designs, we specialize in mobile friendly website designs. It is our goal to create designs that work across all platforms. No matter where you are viewing the website, it will adjust to the screen size in which you are viewing allowing for easy navigation and readability. 

Does your website design reflect your overall brand and identity? With so many people using Wix or other website design services, you can become one in a million. You want to make sure your website is unique to who you are and really stands out from the crowd! 

If you are interested in a free website quote? We’d be happy to help! Click here to fill out our online survey and a sales representative will be in touch with you shortly! 

A cluttered home page:

I can’t tell you how many times I am overwhelmed by the amount of information on a website’s Home page. Your Home page serves as your first impression. The entry to your brand and letting people know who you are. Don’t ruin it by pasting 15 photos and a 30 paragraph story about what you do. 

Simple, clean layouts are proven to be your best bet! Of course, you want to tell your story – but you have a multiple page website to help get your point across. Start with a brief introduction, around 300 words. Let people know the basics of your business. From there, you can elaborate on your story throughout the interior pages of your website. 

Think – introduction! When you first introduce yourself to someone, they see your face, they hear your name, and learn a little bit about yourself – such as where you are from and what you do for a living. People do not need to know your entire life story right off the bat, that is, at least until they reach your About Us page. 

Including Call To Actions is a great way to encourage readers to continue throughout your website – for instance, a “Learn More About Us” button following your introduction text. This will direct readers to another page within your website where they are able to continue reading more about you, the services you provide and how it can be beneficial to them.


Buildingon what we’ve just discussed, readability is probably the most important when it comes to telling your story. Shorter, more organized paragraphs are much easier to read and understand versus one really long page. Keeping paragraphs 3-5 sentences long allows readers to easily skim down a page to quickly find what they are looking for. 

Did you know that there are many types of readers in the world? The way that a readers eyes jump across a page of text can differ from person to person. Some read straight through, while others look for key words. 

Bullet points are also very beneficial in getting readers to actually read! Bullets are easily identifiable and much quicker to read through. 

Don’t get long-winded! Short, sweet, and to the point will also help keep readers interested and aware of what you are trying to say. 

Limit your number of fonts and styles. Consistency is comforting and easy on the eyes. Choose fonts and colors that reflect your overall message. 

Navigation is key:

Your menu bar is your websites roadmap and clearly mark where each link will lead your visitors and potential customers. Keep your menu bar straightforward. Long titles and multiple words can become too much. If you think you have more to say, consider including drop down menus within each tab to better help organize your content. 

Buttons and Call To Actions are also important when it comes to navigation. Feel free to include links within your website content that clearly direct visitors to a new page. For instance, if I am reading your About Us page where you mention your outstanding Sires – I want to know more, so make it easy for me! Include a “View Our Herd Sires Here” button at the bottom of the paragraph. This way, I do not have to scroll back up to your menu bar to find the next page. Each page of your website should work fluidly and flow together seamlessly. 

Broken Links:

Last, but certainly not least – make sure to check all of your buttons and links. That all are functioning and pointing to the correct location. 

Nothing is more embarrassing than wanting to feature your Facebook page within your website, only to realize your have linked a random account that does not belong to you! 

Other important links to check is ensuring that all phone numbers and email addresses are hyperlinked correctly. You want your potential customers to be able to easily contact you. By having these items hyperlinked, it only takes a click of a button. Some customers may be deterred if they have to try and remember your phone number or email address to manually enter it themselves. 

Contact Us forms. This is another kicker. You’ll want to make sure you have properly directed the form when it is fulled out online. If you do not, submissions will get lost! Make sure you have tied the form to an active email account and that there are no typo’s within it to ensure that you are receiving all submissions and getting back to your potential customers. 

We hope you found these website tips useful! If you are in the market for a website or think your current website is in need of a refresh, please fill out our online survey. We look forward to helping your build the website of your dreams!