Website Writing – Do the Words on Your Website Matter?

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At Ranch House, we believe that the recipe for an excellent website is 50 percent design and 50% content. What do we mean when we say content? Content is the photos and text that appears on your website. It includes external links (to other websites like your breed association) and the story of your business. Website writing and content is just as important as the design because it is often the first introduction someone has with your business. What someone reads on your website can determine if they are interested in you, your livestock and a business transaction. The words on your website are also what determines where you will rank in a Google search. So if you want to show up on the first page of Google, or especially if you want to be in the top results, it’s important to invest in the content of your website.

Ranch House is known in the livestock industry for our eye-catching designs, but our staff also includes talented writers who understand the cattle business and livestock industry. We know how to write about livestock producers and for livestock producers. We also understand the basics of the Google algorithm and how we can help you rank high on Google.

For many cattlemen, writing the content for a new website (or even updating it!) is a daunting task that requires hours at a desk when we know you’d really rather be out with the cattle. That’s why we offer several website¬†writing packages to help get your website online quickly, help you tell a compelling brand story and optimize your site for search engines. Our staff will do a phone interview with you, discuss key words to optmize your site for in search engines and help create your marketing messaging. Once the text is finalized, our editors do a thorough proofread of your website to ensure that it is free from misspelled words or any other errors.

To book a writing package today or learn more about our writing services, email