Weiland Farms

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Weiland Farms focuses on efficient, productive and sustainable agriculture. The six-generation, family farm cultivates commercial crops including corn, soybeans and seed beans. Over the course of six generations, Weiland Farms has come to understand the need to farm responsibly and care for the land so future generations can carry on the family’s farming tradition. While the Iowa farm’s crops may have changed, no longer including potatoes or peanuts, the owners have stayed true to their values of stewardship and integrity. Today, the Weiland family takes great pride in sustainably growing the world’s food, fuel and fiber.


What a great operation to have as a client! Weiland Farms came to us wanting a new website to reach potential clients and enhance its current relationships with stakeholders and customers. The clean, wide-open design features the natural, earthy colors of the land farmed by the Weiland family. In addition, the stunning, scenic photos stretch across the page, pulling in the viewer. Overall, the website really comes together with great design and meaningful content that tell the story of this mindful and caring family farm.


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