What Ranchers Need to Know About Digital Marketing in 2022

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by Lillian Kent

Digital marketing for ranchers can be a big job. As a rancher, you’re an expert at breeding, nutrition, hay production and more. But, digital marketing? That can be a daunting task.

For years, there’s been a ongoing question of “What’s better – print or digital?” And, typically, it’s a toss up and both are deemed super important. 

But, this year – it’s digital that reigns supreme. 

The internet is a great tool to boost your business and connect with new clients, but it takes some knowledge to get its full potential. 

Brush Up on Digital

The annual survey showed that in-person communication is becoming more desirable, which you can read about here, but creating and maintaining an online presence for your business makes sure you catch wandering eyes on the internet. 

People want to get to know you before they spend their hard-earned-dollar on your product.

The digital impression can be the first thing that catches a prospective clients eye, and urges them to take the next step to contacting you. 

Evaluate Your Current Ranch Website

78% of agricultural consumers visit the ranch website prior to making a purchase, and every website should have an ‘About Us’ and ‘Contact Us’ page. 

The Contact Us page gives people a clear next step to email you or plan a trip to your place.

If possible, include an email subscription option on your website, like this one from our friends at BRC Ranch. 75% of respondents said they enjoy reading email blasts about livestock, and sending consistent emails keeps your brand in front of consumer’s eyes.

What’s Next for Social Media?

More than half of respondents looked at a ranch’s Facebook page prior to making a purchase, and Facebook is the still most common way people heard about livestock sales. 

  • 82% of respondents are on Facebook
  • 46% are on Instagram
  • 34% are on Snapchat
  • 22% are on Pinterest
  • 20% are on Twitter
  • 20% are on TikTok
  • 18% are on LinkedIn

While there are several other outlets to use to promote your business, none can touch Facebook.

However, with recent Facebook changes, and a noticeably reduced level of engagement, it is probably time to make sure you have a solid presence on Instagram too. 

Marketing to a Younger Audience in Agriculture

Marketing to the younger demographic (25 years old and younger) is a horse of a different color. 

This crowd showed they strongly favor buying via private treaty, with 90% saying they prefer to buy in person vs. online. 75% listed face-to-face or phone sales as their top preference.

But when it comes to generic communication, 40% of the younger generation said texting is favorite communication method. This group also showed they’re much more comfortable buying purely off video, with 60% saying “yes” to video sales compared to the 40% in the general survey. 

When it comes to social media preferences, Facebook still rules. 79% of respondents listed Facebook as their #1 way to learn about sales, followed by Snapchat, Instagram and Tiktok. 

The younger generation showed an affinity for print, too. The Showtimes Magazine was their favorite, with 63% of respondents listing it as their top choice. Print advertising is important to this group, and should be used in conjunction with a strong website and populated Facebook page. 

For two decades, Ranch House Designs has led the livestock industry in cutting edge graphic design matched with real-world strategy. We are able to deliver results for our customers because we’re well-versed and immersed in this industry. 

Each year, Ranch House Designs compiles a survey targeted specifically at grassroot livestock producers from across the United States. The survey was completed by more than 400 producers, with a 60/40 male/female split. Ages ranged from 25 to 76 years old.

Can We Help You With Your Digital Marketing?

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