What Social Media Outlets Are Best for Ranchers?

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by Taylor Breeding

In the ever-changing digital age, it can feel overwhelming when deciding what is the best marketing plan for your operation. With new trends constantly popping up – and new social platforms too – it seems like there are a million places to start. Like we do when starting most things, we need to get back to the basics.

When getting back to the basics, one of the first questions we need to ask is “What do people want to see?”

Ranch House Designs coordinates an annual marketing survey that takes asking those tough marketing questions off your plate and gives you accurate answers.

This year’s survey includes input from over 400 producers. Of those respondents, 60 percent are male, and 40 percent are female; the respondent age range spans from 25 years to 76. This survey is one of the most important research pieces for the purebred livestock industry because it’s completed by grassroots producers across the United States, like you.

People Want to Get to Know You

Our survey confirmed that no matter your product or service, consumers want to get to know you before they buy!

Don’t let the social media age fool you into thinking your website doesn’t matter. More than three-quarters, 78 percent, of respondents say that they visit a business’s website prior to making a purchase with them. Additionally, having both an “About Us” and “Contact” page on your website is crucial in letting clients understand more about you and your business and in taking the next steps that ultimately lead to sales.

Adding an email or newsletter sign-up to your website is also a fantastic way to reach and stay in touch with more potential customers! 75 percent of respondents say that they enjoy getting email blasts about livestock.

Facebook is Still King

When it comes to social media, Facebook is still No. 1! Not only is Facebook the best social media platform for sales, with 59 percent of respondents saying they look at a business’s Facebook page before they make a purchase, but it is the best platform for attracting new buyers. Nearly half of respondents said that Facebook is the main way they learn about livestock sales, 47 percent to be exact.

Facebook is also by far the most used social media site with 82 percent of respondents using the platform and 75 percent saying it is their most used social media site.

The most important thing with social media is making sure your content is reaching the people you want it to. With so many posting options available, it is important to note that Facebook stories aren’t a necessity. In fact, 53 percent of respondents say that they do not watch Facebook stories at all.

Social Media Seconds

There are so many other social media platforms out there that are fun to use, and who doesn’t love to get those likes?! Unfortunately, these platforms aren’t the ones that are selling your livestock.

Coming in solidly in second, Instagram has 46 percent of respondents as users. This app ranked severely below Facebook in terms of popularity with a mere 11 percent of respondents listing it as their favorite social media platform. Even less impressive, fewer than one percent of respondents said they learn about livestock businesses on Instagram.

But Instagram does have its benefits, and the news feed is still Instagram’s most popular draw! 82 percent of respondents say they prefer to look at the news feed, and only 30 percent say they watch stories.

Notable Mentions

Facebook continues to claim its place at the top of the list of social media platforms with 82 percent of respondents as users, but there are several other apps that hold a slice of the social media pie. 

Once again, Instagram comes in second with 46 percent of respondents using the platform, followed by Snapchat and Pinterest with 34 percent and 22 percent, respectively.

Twitter and TikTok both claim 20 percent of users, and LinkedIn brings up the rear with 18 percent. It is no secret that platforms like TikTok fun and trendy, but it is important to keep in mind that they aren’t the ones that are driving sales to you.

There are so many options available to market your livestock operation, and we hope the annual Ranch House Designs survey helped clear some things up for you when it comes to digital marketing!

Ranch House Designs is the world leader in purebred livestock marketing and advertising. If you would like to learn more about how we can help your livestock operation’s marketing, request a quote or let’s setup a call and talk!