What Type of Show Dad Are You?

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No matter which show dad you are, Ranch House loves all types! If you enjoyed this blog post, be sure to check out our others here. Feel free to share this graphic with friends and family, but please, don’t crop out our logo.

DAVID: Years of show experience but knows zero about animals. However, he can fix an entire electrical system on your fancy trailer using only a plastic spoon and a rubber band. Carries 3 pocket knives.

MARK: Was on a judging team since age 8. Knows every major breeder in the USA. Breathes motivational quotes like a dragon breathes fire.

Donald: Stays at the barn half the night “watching the stock,” then gets up three other times in the other half of the night to feed, water, or hay.

RUSSELL: Do NOT speak to him until 9 am. He’s a terror for the first 4 hours of the day because he’s so grumpy. Can pack 40 tons of tack into a 18 foot trailer.

CLINT: Worse than any “dance mom” you ever saw. Paces. Sweats profusely. Rethinks every move until the class is over.

Rick: Did a stint on Kirk Stierwalt’s fitting crew in the 80s. Still wears Wranglers. Thinks “these new guys don’t have a clue.”

Matt: Runs his show crew like a prison. You better not ask for a bathroom break on the trip or be playing on your cell phone. Will leave you at the hotel if you’re 3 minutes late for departure time.

KARL: The strategist. Developed secret coaching hand signals for his kids that rival any NFL team play calling. Precisely calculates optimal arrival and departure time to avoid the trailer line and get the best stalls.

CHRIS: Has his phone stuck to his ear 24/7. Missed his kids class while outside making a big deal but knows the best steakhouse in town for the after-show celebration. Brings breakfast for the crew every morning.

GENE: The nicest guy at the show. Helps everyone unload, clean stalls, fit, and will adopt any new person at the show and “show them the ropes.”

KEVIN: The stock show stealth. Doesn’t talk to anyone. Never leaves his stalls. This guy’s stock is 12 o’clock high every show and the only time he’ll make eye contact is when his kids just smoked you in the ring.

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