What type of show kid are you?

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From Liz all the way down to Brett, we’ve seen every type of show kid out there!  No matter what type of stock show kid you are, we can all agree that stock show kids are the best in the world. Feel free to share this graphic with your friends and family so they too can get a good laugh.

Liz: Cares not one hill of beans about the actual show, just wants to see all her friends, play, and have fun. Would rather just suppert her siblings and not actually show herself.

ANDY: Dreams of being a fitter, and volunteers to help every one of his friends fit their calves so he can get more experience.

SANDY: Goal is to be elected junior breed princess. Is sincerely happy for every kid that wins, complete with giving them a hug after they may have just beat her in the class.

Matthew: Will win Champion Showman at Junior Nationals one day. Maybe twice or three times. The go-to person everyone wants to show their calf when they have two in the drive.

Amanda: Is super nice and cool, but other kids are scared to talk to her because she wins a lot and mostly stays at her stalls working.

BRODY: The prankster. His mom is always running around trying to find him right before his class and he’ll be off somewhere with a spider dangling over the rafters trying to scare local spectators.

McKenzie: The social butterfly. Coordinates matching outfits with her best show friend. Always smiling. Invites every kid to eat hot dogs at her stalls.

MASON: Is 12 but acts like he’s a 45 year old stockman. Handles his entire showstring by himself. Goes straight to the barn when he gets off the bus. Calculates feed rations. Fits. Super showman.

MELISSA: A quiet sweetheart who can handle any job with her livestock even though she’s a girl. Can outshow most guys. Usually wears a hoodie and earbuds while listening to her favorite songs on her iPhone and focuses on her stock 24/7 at the shows.

BRETT: Will have gathered up every other boy at the show and started a football game in the parking lot. Or starts a washrack water fight. Prone to mischief and always has a smile.

Stock show kids are the best in the world! #ranchhousedesigns

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