What Type of Show Mom Are You?

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Fall is in full swing and so is showing season. While this may be one of our favorite times of the year, we couldn’t help but make this fun graphic to display the different types of show moms. Feel free to save and share this graphic with friends, family and colleagues.

Samantha: Has no clue what’s going on. Misses her kids class while walking through the exhibit hall. Always carrying around a Starbucks.

ERIN: The real brains behind the operation. Feeds every day. Handles everything while the Dad just says things like «I got this one dialed in…»

Brandy: Social queen of the show. Cheers from the stands. Feeds everyone at the show. Kids have monogrammed or custom leather everything.

Susan: Don’t you mess with her. Yells at her kids. Yells at the judge. Will slash your tires in the parking lot if you cut her kid off in the line up.

Tiffany: Is always freaking out and thinking there’s a conspiracy. The first one to file a protest. Has a binder full of show results from every class of every show from the last 4 years including the judges comments.

Jessica: Follows behind the trailer in her own SUV. Always drinking something out of a Yeti cup, who knows what. Carries a designer bag even on the washrack.

Heather: Advisor to the junior breed association. Volunteers for everything. Works the concession stand for a fundraiser. Says things like «It doesn’t matter how you did, as long as you had fun.»

Kim: Never showed a day of her life, or ever raised an animal, but now all of a sudden the expert at feeding, fitting, showmanship and livestock judging since her kids started showing a year ago.

Mary: Probably the best dang feeder in the entire barn, and maybe the best fitter and breeder too. Doesn’t give a dang what her clothes or hair looks like but her kids stock are perfect. Leads 3 calves to tie outs including the green broke one.

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