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Winterizing Your Wardrobe

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By Sally Conway

I am not someone who would be consulted on a typical fashion blog, but when it comes to being functional, I am your girl. This is my list of ‘must haves’ for winter, compiled from plenty of experience riding, doctoring and foaling in freezing temperatures. So, for all the ladies outside in the elements doing chores, we have you covered from head to toe…

Smartwool Socks

They are hugs for your feet. Literally. Nothing will make you feel as warm and fuzzy as these garments of goodness. Not to mention they come in some fun and cute patterns. As an added bonus you can purchase them in different fabric weights, so depending upon what climate you live in, you can purchase thinner socks or heavier socks.

Muck Boots

The only thing worse than being cold is being wet AND cold. These boots are a must if you live anywhere other than the desert. They will keep your feet dry and warm while tromping around in the elements. Mud and manure have met their match with Muck Boots.

Quilted Carhartt Coveralls

Probably not going to win you a contest for best dressed, but talk about functional! These bad boys are made for the job. They are warm and wash great. And just like the finer things in life…only get better with time.

Under Armour Cold Gear

Nobody likes to trek out to the barn feeling like the Michelin Man. What I love about these shirts is you can layer them under a sweater and jacket in freezing temperatures and still feel warm without being overly bulky.

North Face Nuptse Down Jacket

Cold weather is for the birds! No pun intended as nothing beats a down jacket when it comes to staying warm. The downside is you have to be careful not to snag yourself on sharp edges such as barbed wire, which will certainly ruffle your feathers.

SSG The Winter Rancher Glove

Deerksin lined gloves are a must. Just check out the other reviews on Amazon if you don’t believe me. I would advise a size 7 or 8 for women.

Silk Wild Rag

Punchy with a whole lot of practical! Silk wild rags are great for keeping your neck warm during cold days. Check out this YouTube tutorial on how to properly tie one:

Hand Warmers

For those extra frosty mornings, I am not afraid to crack out some hand and toe warmers. Especially if what I am doing is a hassle with gloves, I will put these in my pockets and sneak my hands in there to warm them up when needed.

CC Beanie Hats

Well turns out my Mom lied… 80% of your body heat is not lost through your head. However, it is true that we lose heat through whatever part of the body is uncovered. Not to mention, nothing is as miserable as when your ears get cold. So to stay warm, you better top it off with hat. C.C. makes some super cute knit beanie hats that come in just about every color you can think of.