Brenna Garza

Administrative Coordinator

Meet Brenna Garza, the compassionate Administrative Coordinator at Ranch House Designs, whose caring personality, kindness, and spirit of service embody the very essence of America's rural values. Born and raised in the heart of Wharton County, Brenna epitomizes the courageous, hardworking, and friendly spirit that defines our close-knit team.

A Heart for Small Town Life:
Brenna cherishes the small town life that nurtured her, and her passion lies in working with the community to foster growth and positive change. Her warm-hearted approach radiates a genuine desire to make a difference in the lives of those around her.

Brenna's innate ability to forge meaningful connections has been honed through years of experience working with various non-profit organizations, including previous experience as a coordinator for the local Boys and Girls Club. Throughout her journey, she has developed invaluable relationships across different counties in Texas and beyond.

Service as a Way of Life:
Brenna's unwavering spirit of service extends far beyond her professional life. As the State Coordinator for the HELP Project with the organization Youth Power Group Texas, she dedicates herself to making a positive impact and empowering others.

A Creative Soul:
Alongside her administrative prowess, Brenna's talents shine in photography, media and graphic design, and music. Her creativity adds a vibrant touch to every aspect of her life. Brenna finds solace in spending quality time outdoors with her nephew, relishing the simple joys that nature has to offer.

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