From Zero Followers to Global Leader:

Ranch House Designs' Remarkable Build of the BRC Ranch Brand

In 2019, Ranch House Designs (RHD) embarked on an extraordinary journey with BRC Ranch, a newly formed Brahman cattle operation, born overnight due to an unplanned meeting that led to the opportunity for the creation of the new ranch. This case study is a testament to the unparalleled marketing prowess of the RHD team, led by Rachel Cutrer, who took a completely unknown business with zero brand presence, no following, and no marketing materials, and transformed it into a globally recognized leading Brahman brand within an astonishingly short span of one year.

The Unplanned Genesis of BRC Ranch

Under the leadership of Rachel and Brandon Cutrer, BRC Ranch was established under challenging yet empowering circumstances, arising literally overnight. In the absence of prior planning or time for a gradual transition, the brand emerged spontaneously, demanding swift and innovative marketing solutions to establish its identity in the industry.

Our approach


Creating a Cohesive Brand Identity

Rachel Cutrer's marketing acumen shone brilliantly as she undertook the task of crafting a cohesive brand identity for BRC Ranch. This encompassed the development of a compelling logo, brand colors, and a resonant slogan, setting the foundation for a brand that would soon become synonymous with excellence in Brahman cattle breeding.

Building a Cutting-Edge Website in Record Time

With a mission to establish a formidable online presence, RHD's team of experts orchestrated the complete overhaul of BRC Ranch's website in less than a week. The result was a meticulously designed, information-rich website that showcased over 50 reference sires and donors. The swift and strategic execution of the website played a pivotal role in BRC Ranch's rapid ascent to prominence.

Social Media Mastery and Global Following:

Aiming to transform BRC Ranch's nonexistent social media presence into a global force, RHD's marketing strategy focused on creating a robust and engaging online community. Starting from scratch, RHD propelled BRC Ranch's social media following to remarkable heights, reaching over 100K followers on Facebook and 25K on Instagram within a year. These numbers have since surged to 163K on Facebook and 37K on Instagram, cementing BRC Ranch's position as an industry influencer.

SEO Domination and Industry Recognition:

Harnessing the power of strategic SEO and content marketing, RHD achieved an extraordinary feat by securing first-place rankings for 13 different Brahman-related search terms within a year. BRC Ranch emerged as a digital leader, enjoying unparalleled visibility and recognition within the Brahman cattle community.

The Trailblazing Legacy of BRC Ranch

Through Ranch House Designs' remarkable efforts, BRC Ranch rapidly evolved from a hasty inception to one of the most preeminent Brahman ranches on a global scale. This case study is a testament not only to RHD's unparalleled marketing capabilities but also to Rachel Cutrer's exceptional expertise as a farm and ranch marketing visionary. Her ability to elevate BRC Ranch from obscurity to international acclaim within a single year underscores her status as an unparalleled industry leader.


The BRC Ranch case study stands as a remarkable illustration of Ranch House Designs' unparalleled ability to orchestrate rapid and transformative marketing triumphs. By leveraging strategic branding, web design, social media, and SEO strategies, RHD propelled BRC Ranch to a position of global leadership. Rachel Cutrer and the RHD team's exceptional ability as a marketing expert was showcased through this extraordinary journey, solidifying the RHD status as the world's foremost authority in farm and ranch marketing.
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