Elevating Leachman Cattle's Digital Presence:

A Ranch House Designs Case Study

In 2020, Ranch House Designs forged a dynamic alliance with Leachman Cattle of Colorado, an esteemed seedstock operation celebrated for its exceptional contributions to the beef industry. Collaborating closely with Lee Leachman, CEO of Leachman Cattle, Ranch House Designs undertook an ambitious digital transformation initiative. This project encompassed a comprehensive website redesign, the implementation of a robust social media strategy, and the development of a plan to capture and leverage e-mail leads for global promotion of the ranch's prestigious bull and semen sales.

Client Background

Leachman Cattle, led by the visionary Lee Leachman, stands as an iconic figure within the beef industry.  Recognizing the need to modernize their digital presence and expand their global reach, Leachman Cattle partnered with Ranch House Designs to revitalize their online platform and enhance their marketing efforts.


Ranch House Designs created a comprehensive strategy to propel Leachman Cattle's digital presence to new heights:

Strategic Synergy with Industry Icon

With deep respect for Lee Leachman's eminent reputation, Ranch House Designs engaged in a series of strategic meetings with this visionary leader. These sessions fostered the presentation of innovative digital concepts, cultivating a collaborative environment that seamlessly blended industry prowess with digital ingenuity.

Comprehensive Digital Transformation

Ranch House Designs executed a full-scale website redesign, ensuring that the online platform accurately reflected Leachman Cattle's prominence and mark of innovation the ranch is known for. A visually appealing and user-friendly website was crafted to effectively showcase the ranch's offerings, including bull sales and semen sales.

Strategic Social Media and Email Marketing

A robust social media strategy was devised to amplify Leachman Cattle's presence across digital platforms. Additionally, a meticulously crafted plan was implemented to capture e-mail leads, enabling targeted marketing for the ranch's annual bull sales and semen offerings. The integration of social media and e-mail marketing formed a cohesive promotional ecosystem.

Collaboration with Leachman's Outstanding In-House Team:

Ranch House Designs collaborated closely with Leachman Cattle's network of sales representatives and in-house marketing team. Seamless coordination ensured that digital promotions for six nationwide bull sales were executed successfully. The collaborative approach allowed for a smooth transition of responsibilities to the in-house team, empowering them to continue the momentum.


The partnership between Ranch House Designs and Leachman Cattle yielded remarkable outcomes:


    The website redesign showcased Leachman Cattle's excellence and offerings in a visually compelling manner, positioning the ranch as a global industry leader.


    The strategic blend of social media and e-mail marketing elevated Leachman Cattle's visibility on a global scale, effectively promoting annual bull sales and semen offerings to a wider audience.


    Ranch House Designs' collaborative approach, in tandem with the in-house marketing team and sales representatives, ensured the successful execution of digital promotions. Once the first year plan was implemented, we provided a seamless transition of responsibilities which empowered Leachman Cattle's team to independently manage and sustain their digital initiatives going forward.


The partnership between Ranch House Designs and Leachman Cattle of Colorado serves as a testament to the transformative power of strategic digital initiatives and collaborative teamwork with a driven and dedicated in-house marketing team. Through a comprehensive digital transformation, strategic collaborations, and targeted marketing strategies, Leachman Cattle's digital presence was elevated to global prominence. Ranch House Designs' dedication to excellence continues as they provide ongoing website support, further reinforcing the enduring success of this remarkable collaboration.
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