Email Account Setup Instructions

Setting up your RHD hosted email account is quick and easy. Your account is mobile friendly, meaning it can be setup on your phone, tablet, and your computer. It can be integrated into mail programs such as Outlook or MacMail, and with webmail access, you can login from any computer, anywhere!

Logging in through the Internet (Preferred Method)

To access Rackspace webmail (in your internet browser) go here: Type in the full account name, and the password. You can add the login page to your Bookmarks, and check the box for the system to remember your login details to make it easy to log in everyday.

Use the Setup Assistant for Android Devices and your favorite Computer Programs:

Due to the variety of Android devices and Computer mail programs (Outlook or Apple Mail), please follow this link to access the setup wizard. Just type in your full account name and password, and the wizard will assist you step by step with setting up your email account on any and all devices.

iPhone Instructions:

1. Tap the “Settings” icon, then tap “Mail, Contacts, Calendars”.
2. Tap “Add Account”, then tap “Other”.
3. Tap “Add Mail Account”.
4. The next screen will ask for basic account information:

“Name”: Type in your first and last name.
“Email”: Type in your full email address
“Password”: Your email password
“Description”: Anything you’d like!

5. Tap “Next”. You should briefly see an alert at the top that states it is verifying.
6. On the next screen ensure “IMAP” is selected, then enter the following information:

“Name”: Your first and last name.
“Email”: Type in your full email address
“Description”: Anything you’d like!
Incoming Mail Server
“User Name”: Type in your full email address
“Password”: Your mailbox password
Outgoing Mail Server
“User Name”: Type in your full email address
“Password”: Your mailbox password

7. Tap “Next”.
8. In the next screen, select the items you wish to sync, Mail, and/orNotes.
9. Tap “Save”.
10. Now you’re done! Launch the Mail app. Your email should appear within a few minutes, depending on the amount of items to sync.

We highly recommend configuring your iPhone to sync your various IMAP folders. Here are the steps to do so.
– Within the “Mail, Contacts, Calendars” settings window, select the account that you just added.
– Under “IMAP”, select your Account.
– Within the accounts settings, scroll down and select “Advanced”:
– You should now be at this screen:

– Under “MAILBOX BEHAVIORS”, select the first item (“Drafts”), then select the appropriate folder under “ON THE SERVER”.
– Now repeat this step for “Sent Mailbox” and “Deleted Mailbox”. Ignore the “Archive Mailbox”, it won’t be used.
– Last step! Make sure “Deleted Mailbox” is selected under “MOVE DISCARDED MESSAGES INTO”. This will ensure deleted messages go to the Deleted Mailbox folder.

That’s it! You should be all set now! Enjoy your email.