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11 Things I learned from My Farmer Dad

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In honor of Father’s Day weekend, I spent some time thinking of all the things my favorite farmer has taught me over the years. Whether my Dad realizes it or not, he has taught me some of life’s greatest lessons. Here’s to you, Dad, and thank you for raising my sisters and I on our family farm.

1. Agriculture is the best lifestyle
father's day blog

Harvesting soybeans across the road from our farm entrance.

Ever since I can remember, my days were spent on our farm. Whether it was falling asleep on the floor of the combine, planting tomatoes in our garden, or rinsing cattle in the summer heat, my fondest memories all go back to that place.

2. Take care of your land and livestock, and they’ll take care of you

Contrary to what some consumers say about farming and ranching methods, I have learned they are by far the most caring people you will ever meet. One example pops in my mind right away – calving during a blizzard.

3. Farmer’s make the best multitaskers
father's day blog

My Dad – farmer aka business man. He’s always on the phone, yet he says I’m always on mine! I think he has me beat.

Have you ever seen a farmer planting corn, talking on the phone and sending tractors to the next field all at once? I have – on multiple occasions.

4. The best TV station is the Weather Channel

After a long day’s work, I can always find my Dad in the same exact spot. Laid back in his recliner (he may or may not be asleep) watching the Weather Channel, and praying the forecast is in his favor.

5. Hard work will reward you
father's day blog

My Dad was recently named the 2017 Agricultural Land Preservationist of the Year!

Dreams don’t work unless you do. Nothing in life will be handed to you on a silver platter, including a good crop yield, a banner, a good test grade, a promotion, and much more. You must put the hours in to get the end result you are striving toward.

6. Care and compassion

Although a farmer’s shirt may be covered in dirt, there are holes in his jeans, and his hands are wrinkled and rough, they truly have the biggest hearts. Not only for their land, and their livestock, but most importantly their family.

7. Respect

Be respectful to anyone and everyone, because you never know their background or their story.

8. Driver licenses don’t matter when driving a tractor or farm truck

Following behind equipment in the farm truck at the age of 12 isn’t illegal right?

9. Remain humble
father's day blog

My Dad helping my sisters with their cattle at the Maryland State Fair more than 20 years ago!

Never forget where you came from and where you once started. Always lend a hand to help others, because that’s what someone once did for you.

10. Dinner at 5? LOL try 9 p.m.

Farm families don’t eat dinner until the day’s work is done, which usually means very late during harvest season.

11. Never give up

You will face disappointments and setbacks in life. Don’t let them bring you down – allow them to motivate you to try harder. Be the best person you can be.