Kerbe Fuchs

Vice President, Brand Development

Meet Kerbe Fuchs, the master of rural brand building and Vice President of Brand Development at Ranch House Designs. Hailing from the charming town of Boling, TX, Kerbe's roots in agriculture run deep, fostering her love for livestock and leadership development from an early age. As a small-town girl and farmer's wife, she understands the pulse of rural life, infusing her skillful strategy and expertise into every project.

A Rural Enthusiast:
Kerbe's passion for agriculture and livestock flourished during her time at Boling FFA, where she discovered her love for leadership development events like Public Relations and Radio Broadcasting. Armed with a Bachelor's degree in Communication Studies, with an emphasis in Public Relations, and a Minor in Mass Communications from Texas State University, Kerbe brings a wealth of knowledge to her role.

Master of Rural Brand Building:
As the Vice President of Brand Development, Kerbe guides clients through the discovery, design, and execution phases of print, logo, and website projects. Her strategic vision and organizational prowess breathe life into brands, propelling them to new heights of success. Kerbe's small-town upbringing and connection to rural life make her a natural at understanding the needs and aspirations of rural brands. Her deep empathy for the agricultural community sets her apart as a true champion of rural businesses.

A Farmer's Wife, Mom, and More:
Residing in Needville, TX, with her husband, Dylan, a full-time cotton, grain, and corn farmer, and hobby cattle rancher, Kerbe experiences firsthand the intricacies of rural life. When not immersed in her passion for brand development, she enjoys cherished moments outdoors with her son, Waylon, her family and friends.

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