Kristen Davis

Graphic Designer

Kristen Davis, the masterful graphic designer behind the scenes at Ranch House Designs, stands as an unparalleled authority in rural graphic design. With nearly two decades of experience under her belt, Kristen's artistic prowess knows no bounds, and she thrives on creating remarkable graphic design projects and websites for rural brands.

A Proven Artistic Virtuoso:
Kristen's artistic journey began at the esteemed Art Institute of Houston, where she honed her craft in graphic design and photography. Kristen started her career as creative director for Hartman Newspapers, a rural media brand, where she designed four monthly magazines and a daily newspaper.

A Diverse Design Maven:
Kristen's expertise spans across various design realms, excelling in crafting sale ads, catalogs, billboards, annual reports, logos, and captivating websites. Her passion for graphic design is evident in every stroke of creativity she brings to life.

A Fire for Design:
Kristen's strong passion for her craft fuels the brilliance she infuses into her work. Her dedication to her artistry resonates in each project, elevating the brands she serves to new levels of visual excellence. With her wealth of experience and artistic mastery, Kristen is undeniably one of the best rural graphic designers in America. Her unparalleled talent and unwavering commitment to excellence make her a driving force behind the success of countless rural brands.

From Stock Show Mom to Rural Enthusiast:
Kristen's life is enriched by her loving husband, Jeromy, and their two children, Jayden and Parker. They proudly call East Bernard home and actively contribute to the vibrant spirit of their community. Though not initially from the agriculture industry, Kristen's deep love for rural life led her to embrace it wholeheartedly. As a devoted stock show mom, she cherishes traveling with her family, showcasing hogs, heifers, and steers with an enduring passion.

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