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Moon Creek Ranch was founded in 2005 when Marie, a Pediatrician, moved from Northern Michigan to SE Oklahoma and purchased 140 rolling acres, cattle barns and a ranch house. She started cattle production with 2 commercial heifers that were traded for a lease on the farm land, soon after purchasing registered Maine Anjou cattle, then Shorthorns. In 2006, Danny and Marie met. Danny is a cattle man with over 40 years of experience raising cattle and custom cutting hay. Shortly after marrying in 2008 they began to raise Shorthorn show heifers for sale to Juniors. In 2013, they acquired their first registered Brahman from V8 ranch, a bull named George who had a successful show career and has become a gentle giant and herd sire. More V8 Brahman were added to the herd. For F1 production, they began to purchase registered Herefords. Danny and Marie are now proud to breed, sell and show registered Brahman and Hereford cattle. To learn more about this family owned operation, check out their brand new website:


Moon Creek Ranch website design is simple and easy to navigate while maintaining a professional overall look and feel. The website features large, bright photos that stand out against a simple, solid background. Sleek navy accents give the website a classic feel, while textured details add depth and dimension. Contact information links on the home page are perfect for visitors to easily get in touch! Not only does this website operate flawlessly on a desktop, it is mobile friendly as well! A special touch on the Moon Creek Ranch website is an added page of their stories of success, we believe this is an awesome edition to an already great website!


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