The day I was the hero of the second grade play ground

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As a working mom, and rancher, time management is hard. I get it. This morning I share a story of a touching moment last week that reminded me the importance of teamwork and time management.

So, I love to exercise but finding time in a busy schedule often makes this a challenge. So I have developed a schedule where I get to the car pickup line a little early when I pick up my daughters at school, and I exercise by walking around the school neighborhood. I’ve done this for about 3 years now. It’s a great time to listen to podcasts, enjoy the sunshine, and refresh.

As I walk past the school yard, often times I see groups of kids playing on the playground, and always smile and wave. I love our small town school.

Well, last week, as I was walking, I had an opportunity to be the hero for the 2nd grade class.

As I was walking near their playground, all of a sudden, a bright yellow plastic ball whizzed right past me, rolled across the street I was walking on, and into the ditch on the other side of the road.

I looked in the direction where the ball originated, and saw about 12 2nd-graders standing there, wide eyed.

Then, I heard the teacher yell at them “Stay away from the street! Come back to the grass!”

They were in a dilemma. And I stood between them and their precious yellow playground ball. So, I smiled, and waved and gave them a thumbs up. I walked over to the ditch, picked up the yellow ball, and tossed it back to them.

Everyone of those second graders started cheering and smiling! Some were jumping up and down. They all yelled in the sweetest little voice “THANK YOU MOLLIE’S MOM!”

And while the second graders only had one ball in their playground, it made me think of all the balls in the air I try to juggle at times.

  • My job at Ranch House, helping others with their marketing
  • My job at BRC, doing my own marketing
  • Helping others plan for their fall sale
  • Planning for my own ranch’s fall sale
  • Being a mom
  • Having time for myself
  • Trying to think of Facebook and Instagram posts to do every day for our businesses
  • Trying to be a good friend to others

I think everyone can relate. That when I thought – sometimes we just need someone to catch a ball, and help us get it back.

Get us back on track.
Be our guide.

And that’s where Ranch House really excels. We can help catch one of those balls for you. Here are some ideas we can help:

  • Getting your branding started with a logo design and then handing that logo to you and you running with it to setup your Facebook and website.
  • Building your website for you and then handing the ball to you to make updates.
  • Doing your social media for 3 months, getting you a organized system, and then handing the ball to you to run with it for the rest of the year.

Regardless of your marketing needs, the team at Ranch House would love to help you. I offer free, 15-minute marketing consultations with anyone interested in working with us. I’d love to visit with you –¬†you can book a call with me.

I hope you are enjoying the beauty of early fall, and as always, if we can assist you, we are here and ready!