What’s wrong with this website?

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If you’re a cattle person, you’ll quickly see that while this website looks very appealing, it’s an Angus cow on a Hereford website. Major fail.

And you’re probably thinking, everyone knows the difference between and Angus and a Hereford. But, not everyone does.

At least once a week, we have consultations with prospective customers that goes something like this….

  • I have a website that I got a friend to design for me, because I was so busy I just wanted it done.
  • ….And don’t think I didn’t pay a pretty penny for it either….
  • I didn’t have time to get anything together so I just told them to put something up for me.
  • And wouldn’t you know they used pictures that aren’t even one bit related to my ranch!
  • I can’t even send people to my website because it has some stock photos of black and white Holsteins because the web designer thought they were “cute.”

Another interesting comment I recently got was on a consult with a farm to table brand, who said they had a website built with a local firm, only to find out the web designer was a vegetarian. They felt like they just weren’t getting top of the line service because their web designer had some core value differences of opinion.

I had another call this week with a feed store in deep south Texas. They were trying to explain their service area to me, and what their customer demographics were – and I laughed and said, “You don’t have to explain south Texas to me – my favorite breakfast is El Tapatio’s in Kingsville. I know south Texas.”

And truthfully I think those personal connections are one of the major reasons that sets Ranch House Designs apart when it comes to working with agricultural businesses. Here is just a sample of the new clients we started working with just in the last week:

  • 9 Angus cattle ranches
  • 2 auction barns
  • A Beefmaster ranch
  • 9 Brahman ranches
  • A Brangus ranch
  • 4 breed associations (state and national)
  • 3 Charolais ranches
  • A church
  • A state commodity organization
  • A groundwater district
  • 3 construction companies
  • 3 dog breeders
  • An educational provider
  • An event venue
  • A farm machinery store
  • A farm to table business
  • 2 feed stores
  • A grain company
  • A hay company
  • 5 Hereford ranches
  • 2 historic ranches
  • 5 international clients
  • 2 meat companies
  • 2 nutrition companies
  • A cattle order buyer
  • 3 organizations
  • A Red Angus ranch
  • 4 reproduction companies
  • A restaurant
  • A retail store
  • 2 rodeo companies
  • A custom saddlery
  • A Santa Gertrudis ranch
  • 6 Shorthorn ranches
  • 5 show cattle operations
  • 1 show pig operation
  • 2 Simmental ranches
  • A stock show
  • A utility company
  • A vet clinic
  • 2 Wagyu operations…..


So as you can see, the Ranch House team can handle your marketing needs no matter the industry you are in, or the need you have. We can do it.

Here’s a little glimpse of our process.

  1. It starts with a call with me. Even though we serve thousands of customers around the world, I personally still like to take every initial phone call and consult. Because even though Ranch House is a big agency now, we are still rooted in tradition, and still rooted in that personal service. Lots of our clients have my cell phone number, because that’s what I usually call them on. In these initial calls, I want to get a feel for if we are a good fit for each other, and understand the specific objectives you need help with in your marketing.
  2. Once you book a project, we ask for a 50% deposit to get started. Depending on the project this can range from $250 deposit to $1000 deposit on average.
  3. Then I’ll assign your project a dedicated project manager and designer. These are the two people who will spend the most time on your project. But, due to our high level of teamwork here at RHD, I still like to be part of every project. I see every project before it gets to the client, so I can make sure it is aligning with the goals we talked about in step one.

I believe Ranch House is truly working with the BEST clients in America – and the world. Can you join that list? Are you passionate about making your brand and business the best it can be? Do you want to step up your marketing game, but still want to work with people who are “real” people, down to earth, and understand agriculture or the agriculture industry?

You’re at the right place. Set up that call.

We want to make some magic together for your business in 2021!